Twisted Thread And Hook

Sail away with me, into the world of handcrafted rope decor.

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Arlington, NY
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Magda Marsh
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~~~ The Reason... I design my creations to awaken these feelings of piece and joy in those who look at them, touch them and to say frankly, step on them. The rugs I create are a peace of art that is meant to be experienced. When I step out of the shower and onto the rope bathmat, the memories of a beautiful day on a boat come to my mind. When I come home and see the jute mat welcoming me to my house, I think of the day I spent with my family camping in the woods. ~~~ The Start... My name is Magda Marsh. My passion for crafting started when I was maybe 9 or 10 years old and my mom introduced me to fine thread crocheting. I spent many hours creating very detailed and delicate doilies. Over the years, I've done many different crafts, but crocheting was the one craft that I always came back to because it gave me so much pleasure. Yet, my life took me in a totally different direction. I went to college to study business, which quickly changed into mathematics and even quicker into computer science. With my Masters degree in computer science, a well paying job as a software engineer, and starting a beautiful family, my life appeared to be exactly what I wanted. But then I started to wonder. What if there is more out there for me. Soon, pieces started to fall into place. I love crocheting, a very old craft, but I also like to discover new things. I love kayaking, camping and sailing (I spent every summer vacation since I was in diapers on a sailboat), but I don't have enough free time or money to enjoy these activities on daily basis. That's when Twisted Thread and Hook was born. After a few months of trial and error, I finally found what brings joy to me and others at the same time. I started with cotton rope, the same exact one used in sailing, to create large rugs and bath mats. Then I discovered jute rope – great, rough texture with a rustic feel. My mind was full of new ideas. Rope on the windows as curtain tiebacks, on the tables as coasters and on the shelves as baskets... Ok, so I'm a bit rope crazy now, but I'm also smiling a very big smile :). ~~~ The Creation... My inspiration comes from all around me at the most unexpected times. Sometimes, I take an idea and make a prototype with a thinner yarn which is easier to play around with. Once I like the small version, I recreate it with rope. I don't fully know the final look until it's all finished. During the whole process I have my notepad with me writing down all the stitches and steps so I remember how to make it again. Other times, I just pick up the rope and see where it leads me. I may have some technique or new stitch in mind that I want to work into the pattern. I crochet a few rows, I unravel some. I tweak and remake. I change my mind a lot, I mean A LOT, until finally, it all comes together and I truly love what I created. And then I ask my kids how they like it and they always give me the most honest opinion, of course - “I love it” with big smiles and admiration. Stay in touch: ~**~ Facebook : ~**~ Twitter: ~**~ Instagram: ~**~ Google+:
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