Steampunk Flower Garden
⭐ I call this art work "The Watering of my Steampunk Garden." It is a wood base, with gears painting on top and bottom. It also has random gears added on for an extra pop of decoration. It is a real water spigot attached to the wood that points over my flowers that sit inside their little bucket. The flowers themselves come in three different shades and have been adorned with different gears inside of them, with the exception of one flower of each color that has an octopus. It is 11"W x 28"L. The metal bucket is detachable and will come detached for shipping. It is easily attachable however, the handle just hooks onto the hook that is attached onto the board. It comes ready to hang with a thick twine hanger. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message. I love hearing from you! Be sure to check out our other listings for other unique treasures!