Halloween Floral Arrangement/Decor/Centerpiece
Everyday should be Halloween.... Come on down folks and get your tickets for our Haunted Ride... Be sure to hold back your screams... You do not want to disturb what may lie inside.... With this lovely...I'm sorry, did I say lovely? With this gruesomely lovely Halloween inspired centerpiece, it will add just that right touch to your décor. With black and red roses, with purple feathers and eyeballs and spiders to delight or fright, depending upon which way your pendulum swings. Trimmed with "dead" twigs and topped with a fun witch's hat in purple and black. It is in a cone shape and measures 17.5"H x about 8." It is lightweight and comes ready to decorate your table. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me! I love hearing from you! Feel free to check out our other listings! P.S. Hauntings not included.