Tweedling Twins Studio

Fun & functional children's clothing handmade in the USA using custom printed artwork fabric. CPSI compliant.

Located In
Sunnyside, NY
Owned By
Bridy Crawford
Store Details
I have always loved creating things and have been painting for decades. When I had my twins I began sewing in order to find a good overnight cloth diapering solution. It began with wool pants and diaper covers but has grown into making fun and functional clothes with custom printed fabrics. Each piece is handmade by me in my NYC studio. The fabrics I use incorporate my artwork and inspirational messages into the clothing. Each care label has an inspirational message printed on it because I feel that every person needs to know that they are blessed, gifted, kind and loved. I truly hope you and your little ones enjoy these pieces as much as my children do. You are blessed. You are gifted. You are kind. You are loved.