Best Face Forward Set
Enjoy three of our best facial products in one set! Included is our Facial moisturizer, Luxury Facial Bar, and Eye Serum - full descriptions below! Facial Moisturizer: A light, silky, non-greasy, skin-loving, ‘a little goes a long way’ formula. Choose from our two formulas: dry/combination/mature or oily/break-out prone. Goat's Milk and Honeyquat are our key active ingredients in BOTH of our formulas....for a more complete description of the good stuff our facial lotion contains visit: Luxury Facial Bar: A swirling of lavender and peppermint essential oils that highlight this special facial formulation. We have also added mango seed butter for non-greasy moisturizing and rice bran oil as a medium weight oil for its beneficial fatty acids and vitamin E. Goat’s milk is a major component for the creamy and moisturizing lather…and of course all the other good stuff in goat’s milk. Eye Serum: Goat’s milk & Actives Correct years of sun damage, signs of aging like wrinkles, and dark under eye circles that appear as part of the natural aging process or even stress. · 35% reduction in dark circles & puffiness · Even skin tone · Increase formation of collagen for long-term skin tightening For a more complete description visit: