HEMIMORPHITE STRETCH BRACELET, Hemimorphite Bracelet Stretch Bracelet Gemstone Bracelet Positive Energy Protective Bracelet Elastic Bracelet
Green hemimorphite stretch bracelet, gemstone bracelet featuring quality greenish blue hemimorphite crystal beads and silver fluted breads, This stretch bracelet measures approx. 7-3/4" (not stretched), is ready to ship and will arrive in a hand-stamped, muslin drawstring bag inside a pretty gift box. Please note that this listing is for one (1) green hemimorphite crystal bracelet as shown in Photos 1 and 2; Photos 3-5 depict suggested combinations for those interested in stacking bracelets; additional bracelets can be purchased through other listings. Hemimorphite is a thought to be helpful in dealing with mental and spiritual problems such as worry, anxiety, fear, and doubt. It is said to be a healing stone. It is reported to improve the state of the emotional body and is an excellent stone used in self healing and promotes a higher state of awareness. In the home, hemimorphite brings us Water Energy. Water energy is traditionally associated with career and life path area. Its flowing energy will assure a balance of energy; protective bracelet." Everyone needs positive energy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All measurements are approximate. *Please note: Healing crystals are spiritual supports; their meanings should not be construed as medical or healthcare information or advice. 2016 Tropically Inclined All rights reserved. HEMIMORPHITE STRETCH BRACELET, Hemimorphite Bracelet, Stretch Bracelet, Gemstone Bracelet, Positive Energy, Protective Bracelet, Elastic Bracelet.