Treasures Crocheted

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Greenacres, CA
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Makalah Bivens
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Looking for a hobby I did what most people these days do and turned to the internet and stumbled my way to YouTube and discovered crocheting. Thinking it looked like beautiful work but I would never be able to do that for myself. However, I persisted and after many trials and errors and videos showing techniques, I made my first blanket and have been hooked ever since! I believe crocheting is a labor of love and every piece that I make I am putting just that into it. There is nothing more satisfying to me then to sit down and create something beautiful by hand just for you. I am open and honest and have been on the other side of customer service so I want to provide you with the best service I possibly can- that is why I offer customizations to any of my items. YOU pick the color and size of the blanket you want! I encourage you to reach out to me with any special wants or needs and I will always do my best to accommodate.