Laughing Hare
Ceramic scupture of a hare or Jackrabbit by Tony Furtado - laughing, eating, cleaning, praying...who knows? Inspired by many readings of Watership Down...and a childhood next to a wide brown field teaming with jackrabbits! These guys are slip-cast, ceramic with an oxidized metal coating, finished with sculpture wax to protect. Each one is slightly different from the next. Approx. 7"x 10". After I pull them from the mold, I cleanup and detail each by hand then fire in the kiln at cone 04. I then coat them with a Forton/metal coating which I patina/oxidize with cold patina solution, and finish with a light sculpture wax to seal...each one is unique in color and texture. Sent via UPS or USPS, packed safe with my guarantee that you will receive your rabbit in one piece! Feel free to drop me a note with any questions Tony