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Spring Summer flower arrangement is made with artificial mixed flowers. Each centerpiece is about 10 inches tall by about 11 inches wide. The bowl it is in is made of a vinyl record. The contents are artificial flowers in foam. This centerpiece could be used for a wedding or to brighten your living space. Centerpieces could be used for tables or other areas that just need a little something. These can be used as cemetery decorations however you will need to add weight in the bowl like glass beads or fish tank stones. You will also have to put floral wire around the base to keep flowers from flying out from wind. This item would be a great gift for mom, girlfriend, wife, teenage girl, college student. Toni Brookens the artist and designer would like to thank you for visiting Toni's Home Decor' and More. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask via messaging. Each item pictured above is made using a recycled vinyl record. By purchasing upcycled records you are keeping them out of landfills. Records are not biodegradable. It takes over a 1000 years for them to break down in a landfill. I reuse vinyl records then I turn them into battery operated wall clocks or wall hanging decorations or turn them into bowls. Some of them I make unique flower arrangements with. The bowls can reused again and again for storing stuff, remote caddies, candy dishes, cosmetic containers or anything else your heart desires. Please message me and let me know what one you want. Due to poor lighting conditions and shadows the colors may be darker or lighter in person. If you live near East Smithfield, Pennsylvania and would like to pick up merchandise instead of having it shipped please let me know in a message.