Mother Daughter Set of Two Sterling Silver Infinity Bracelets with Gift Messages
This listing features the bracelets matted on the message: With Love Unconditional and True, How Lucky I am to Have a Mom Like You <space> And for me a matching one, a reminder of whom I hope to become. Do you want the change the message, omit the message or have the bracelets boxed separately? No problem. See the packaging section below. About the each bracelet: ------------------------------ A delicate sterling silver infinity link (approx 1 inch in length) attaches to a petite freshwater pearl or the birthstone of your choice and a single strand of sterling chain. ***Please be sure to note your STONE choices in the comments of your order.*** I can only currently have two drop boxes for selections on an order and I need those for size... About Length: ---------------------- ***Please choose your length from the drop menu or type your request in the comments of your order. The length you request should be the total inclusive length of the bracelet including the small adjustable section at the end of the bracelet. I.e. If you choose 7.5 inches, the bracelet will be made adjustable between 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 inches. Your choice is the max length of the bracelet. About the Stone/ Pearl: ----------------------------- The final photo shows stone choices instead of the pearl. Here is the key. Small Stone and Crystal Key (Items 1-26 are semi-precious stones and Items 27 – 47 are Swarovski Crystals) 1. Garnet (Jan) 2. Amethyst (Feb) 3. Aquamarine (Mar) 4. White Topaz (April) 5. Emerald Onyx (May) 6. Rainbow Moonstone (June) 7. Freshwater Pearl (June Alt) 8. Ruby (July) 9. Peridot (Aug) 10. Sapphire (Sept) 11. Pink Opal (Oct) 12. Pink Quartz (Oct) 13. Citrine (Nov) 14. Blue Topaz (Dec) 15. Lt. Turquoise (Howlite) 16. Turquoise (natural turquoise, darker) 17. Pink coral 18. Red Coral 19. Silver Pyrite 20. Aqua Amazonite 21. Blue Lapis Rectangle 22. Autumn Red Agate 23. Brazilian Amazonite 24. Green Jade 25. White Howlite 26. Red Jasper 27. Garnet Crystal (Jan) 28. Amethyst Crystal (Feb) 29. Lt Azure Crystal (March) 30. Clear A/B Crystal (April) 31. Emerald Crystal (May) 32. Alexandrite Crystal (June) 33. Ruby Crystal (July) 34. Peridot Crystal (Aug) 35. Dark Sapphire Crystal (Sept) 36. Lt. Sapphire Crystal (Sept) 37. Pink Crystal (Oct) 38. Pacific Opal Crystal (Oct) 39. Greenish Opal Crystal (Oct) 40. Citrine Crystal (Nov) 41. Blue Topaz Crystal (Dec) 42. Turquoise Crystal 43. Fire Orange Crystal 44. Olivine Crystal 45. Forest Green Crystal 46. Enchanted Green Crystal 47. Crystal Calc Please note that natural stones vary in size and some choices are smaller than others. About the Packaging: ------------------------- The necklace will be matted on the saying With Love Unconditional and True, How Lucky I am to Have a Mom Like You <space> And for me a matching one, a reminder of whom I hope to become. and placed in a small gift box and tied with fabric ribbon, ready to gift. Want the necklace without the gift wording or with different wording? Or want the bracelets in two boxes? Please just note your request in the comments of your order. Two, Three or Four short lines will fit best. As long as your words are not too long for the small gift box, I am happy to use them. Please note that custom wording may add onto the processing time of your order. Thanks for looking!