Current Explorer Small Batch Aftershave
This small batch aftershave is reminiscent of concoctions made by sailors seeking to reduce irritation from shaving, which become popular as "Bay Rum". Current Explorer was developed over the course of thousands of sea miles and rough shaves sailed on sloops, schooners, and cutters. The blend will help heal, moisturize, and add enjoyment to a practice by men on both land and sea. Aftershave is often misunderstood as cologne-especially today as its' use has generally fallen out of fashion with the younger generations of men. The original purpose of aftershave was to act as a disinfectant and astringent to freshly shaven skin, with the fragrance as a perk. Each batch of after shave is poured by hand and monitored for scent and astringent properties as it ages. The ingredients are natural and simple: witch hazel, Caribbean rum, aloe, essential oils and spice extracts. The labels are printed across the river and we source as much local beeswax as we can for our signature seals. Each 2 oz. bottle is made beside the ocean in Maine.