Timeless Necessities

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South Portland, ME
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isaac henry
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Timeless Necessities is a business based on the idea that certain things simply don't go out of style. Through our explorations we discovered that an aftershave was a necessity to prevent irritation for daily shaves at sea over the past ten years, especially having a thick beard and sensitive skin and getting splashed with salt water when going up to relieve the watch. Eventually, "Current Explorer" Small Batch After Shave was born. Each batch of after shave is poured by hand and monitored for scent and astringent properties as it ages. The ingredients are natural and simple: witch hazel, Caribbean rum, aloe, essential oils and spice extracts. The labels are printed across the river and we source as much local beeswax as we can for our signature seals. Someday we would like to develop a bottle exchange/recycling program, as well as sourcing antique bottles for special occasion editions. For now, please just re-use the bottle for something around the house or recycle it. Developed on the Sea, made by the Sea in southwestern Maine. *As with any handmade product, there will be slight variation in batch. Please be aware of any allergies you have could be triggered by using "Current Explorer," also, though we use rum in our product IT IS FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. *