Bookshelf, Cupboard, Storage Cabinet, Pie Safe, Entertainment Cabinet, Storage Shelf, Cabinet, Bathroom storage, Room storage, Vintage shelf
Dimensions- *** 32" Height X 23" Width X 10" Depth *** Cabinet Dimensions- *roughly* *** 19" Height X 16.5" Width X 9" Depth *** - Handmade from reclaimed pallet wood. - Multi-colored paneling for beachy, chic, vintage look. - Beautiful front doors for easy access to storage. -Completely customizable upon request (size, color, hardware, etc...) - Finished with Danish oil then sealed with polycrylic. *Product is not the actual item shown in the photo. Every product sold at TimberRebirth will vary slightly due to the uniqueness of the wood that we use. Wood grain and species will vary, giving you a truly unique item. We will try to replicate the item shown in the photo to the best of our abilities, but variations will occur.