Magical Balancing Wine Bottle Holder
Balancing Wine Bottle Holder. Kauri Wood from New Zealand's North Island These charming solid wood wine bottle holders defy everyone's sense of balance and visual perception. They stand at 40 degrees which allows you to offset the weight of the wine bottle at the perfect counter angle to achieve balance - giving the impression that the wine bottle is actually floating. The holder also keeps the bottle at the proper tip so that the cork stay wet and secure. A great conversation piece and stunning three dimensional display. Our Magical Balancing Wine Bottle Holders are the most unique you will find. Made from a limited stock of New Zealand's North Island Kauri Wood. We were able to get our hands on some reclaimed/salvaged pieces. Each holder is unique in color and grain pattern and no two can be duplicated. These make great gifts for the holidays and are always well received and displayed proudly. All colors and grain pattern variations of your order are random and cannot be customized. We try to create the most stunning and visually unique holders possible. Some are dark, some are light or yellow, some are red or rust colored. Some have deep grain veins while others do not. On orders of more than one we will try to ensure that each one made is different from the rest.