The Patriot Long Gun Display Rack
A decorative 1789 Rifle Display Rack (wall mounted or stand alone unit) with an accessories drawer at the bottom. This unit holds four long guns for display and has a generous slide out drawer on the bottom for your accessories. The measurements are: 21" inside measurement between the arms and approximately 40+" in total height. This unit has details router work and relief sculpture as a decorative commemorative to the initial proposal to the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution - The Right to Possess and Bear Arms in 1789. It also displays a tribute to the slogan made famous by the former president of the NRA Charleton Heston - You can have my gun when you pry it from my "Cold Dead Hands" Only upon Request and for an additional $25.00 I can add horizontal 1/4" Steel Rods to the rack which will allow you to secure your long gun to prevent removal.