Portable Folding Wine Table
Timber Jacks Woodshop version of the very popular Portable Folding Wine Table. My table boasts a 15-inch diameter table (Not 10" or 12") which leaves plenty of room for snacks with your wine, grapes, cheese, and crackers, etc... The top is made from readily available and renewable 1" thick Spruce and the table leg is made from Western Red Cedar. Cedar is naturally insect and water repellant and since the leg will be closest to the ground, I thought Cedar would be a good choice. Plus, cedar is lightweight so the table isn't heavy at all. I've studied other portable wine tables and here is where mine is different. 1. The ground spike on my table is removable and is conveniently stored alongside the table leg in its own mount. 2. My ground spike is made of 1/2" steel, not wood. You don't use my table top to "push" the spike into the ground. Remove the spike, hammer it into the ground (with the rock I've provided at your location just look for it it's there) then place the table on the spike. Other wine tables want you to use the table top to push their "wooden spike" into the ground... Sometimes, the ground can be very hard and you'll ruin your table the first time you use it. Once the table is placed on the spike simply lift the table top into position and "VOILA!" it's ready to go. 4. I've provided "wing nuts" for you which allows you to tighten or loosen the table once it's in position making it easier to use AND if your table is slightly crooked to the ground these wing nuts allow you to set the table at the desired angle to stay level. All in all, My Portable Folding Wine Table is built better, offers more versatility and options and outperforms any other of its kind... Try it - beautiful hiking/camping weather is just around the corner.