Arched Deck Rail Planter Box
When there is no space or time to manage a full-blown garden allow this delicately arched well-built Deck Rail Planter to become your Garden of Convenience. Line your deck with an easily accessible array of herbs, vegetables, and even colorful floral arrangements. Step right out of your door and clip off some fresh homegrown basil or oregano for dinner and never get mud on your shoes. The Arched Deck Rail Planter boasts a hearty planting area. It measures 24” long by 11” wide by 10” deep - planting area is about 7.25" deep. Fill it with rich planting soil and never worry about over watering because the Arched Deck Rail Planter is constructed to allow excess water to seep out while retaining the nutrient-rich earth. The sides of the planter are constructed with 1 ½” solid cedar slats which provide seepage areas and the pre-installed heavy duty landscape fabric lining the inside traps the soil while releasing any extra water. For the environmentally conscious grower and the all-natural organic consumer, these planters are a must. There is no need to chemically treat, stain or seal these planters as cedar is a natural insect and weather resistant wood. Each planter comes in its natural state and color and over the course of time will age with grace to a fine silvery grey. Built of 3/4" Western Red Cedar stock the Arched Deck Rail Planter fits securely to a standard 2x4(3.5") or 5 1/2" wide top deck rail. The planter box legs extend below the actual rail providing a secure and snug fit. THIS PLANTER BOX COMES WITH A LANDSCAPE FABRIC ALREADY INSTALLED