Spice Rack (Frontier Industrial)
I'm starting a new style of "Interior Design" for Furniture and Accessories. I call it "FRONTIER INDUSTRIAL" simply stated, it is an artful and appropriate combination of both "Organic and Manufactured elements. This is not Shabby Chic or Cottage Chic. Chic has nothing to do with this. I use reclaimed organic elements ( here, pallet wood) as they are and combine them with crafted or manufactured elements to create a singular piece of furniture. 4 shelves - approximately 16 1/2" long spaced about 4 1/2" apart and the unit is about 21" tall. The wood is rough and untreated either by sanding or finish. The steel rods are bare and the stamped aluminum panel untreated. I use steel nails to combine the pieces. Cracks, gaps, and previous nail holes are visible. I clean the wood of debris, dirt and other material that may fall off naturally BUT do not use any wood that may have a chemical or unknown stain to it. Some pieces may be colorized by paint or stain but if it looks iffy I won't use it. Photo 1 shows a hot pink background to the piece - YOU can make that any color you want simply by taping colored paper behind the stamped panel. This customer chose hot pink - for now...This way the piece automatically becomes a part or your original décor. GLASS BOTTLES ARE NOT INCLUDED.