Wooden Serving Tray
Our Frontier Industrial Wooden Serving Tray is made from up-cycled barn and pallet wood. Once again Timber Jacks Woodshop has created a unique product that falls in line with the Frontier Industrial Style of furniture we are developing. This handsomely styled solid Wood Serving Tray looks like something found in Great Grandma's attic or something that was discovered in the loft of an old barn. This legitimately aged and repurposed lumber is recycled from sources all around the Hudson Valley. It is minimally milled to specifications for this project. It is cleaned and sanded to make the tray a "new" construction while maintaining its "aged and worn" appearance. Once cleaned and sanded I add my secret formula (all organic) to give the wood an old and weathered look but still bring out the richness in the grain. The purely organic interplay of light and dark colors brought out in the wood is unique to every piece created and the golden honey glow is something that can happen all on its own. Once cured, 3-4 coats of satin spar urethane is applied to soften the entire look. What makes this Wooden Serving Try part of the Frontier Industrial Line is the manufactured metal applied as a decorative feature. The stylized scrolled corner covers along with the brushed silver handles are just the right amount of metal fabrication added to this naturally organic creation.