Cedar Portable Folding Grill/Craft Table
This is a lightweight folding leg portable table made from 3/4" Western Red Cedar stock. It weighs less than 21lbs and can be lifted with one hand by most anyone. The table is a convenient height of approximately 29" suitable for standing or sitting. It is 41" long and has a healthy 19" table surface. The legs of this unit fold neatly and securely under the table for easy storage. When the legs are folded the table has a 6” profile. This portable table also comes with a weather resistant chrome handle mounted in the center and two utility hooks. Timber Jacks Woodshop Portable Folding Cedar Grill/Garden/Crafts Table is an extremely versatile piece of furniture since you can take it anywhere and use it for just about anything. It’s great for outdoor events, ball games, tailgating BBQ's, beach outings, RVing or wherever and whenever you need a table and it is strong! And remember cedar is naturally water and insect repellant wood. You can stain it, water seal it or just leave it.