Our mission is to expose North America to an interesting an unique style of coffee-making that is largely unknown outside of Central America. While authentic Costa Rican chorreadors were primitive and typically handmade from scraps of wood and wire found around the house, our version, although still handmade, is constructed from the highest-quality woods and with an impeccable attention to detail. Each piece is truly a work of art.

Payment Policy

Purchases are made through PayPal. All sales are final (please see Refunds and Exchanges below).

Shipping Policy

Buyer pays actual shipping and a variety of shipping options are available. Please allow 2-5 calendar days from placing the order for it to be shipped. There is no handling fee.

Refund & Exchange Policy

As with most handmade works, our chorreadors do not come with a warranty. We do not do refunds or exchanges; all sales are final. Buyers should be aware that variations and imperfections in wood as well as the deft albeit imperfect hand of the artisan at work actually adds to the charm and authenticity of the pieces. A number of photos accompanying each listing should give the buyer a good idea of what he is purchasing. That being said, if a buyer feels that his purchase has a defect in material or workmanship that renders it unworthy of the money invested, we at TicoTec will do what we can within reason to maintain our flawless record of customer satisfaction.

Other Policies

In addition to providing a high quality product, we at TicoTec also try to be as friendly to the environment as possible. The woods we use are readily available and sustainable. The chorreador itself uses no electricity or other power; even the water can be heated over an open flame (in fact, these are great to use at a campsite). And there is no waste. The cotton flannel filters are reusable; there are no pods to clog the landfills; and even the grounds can be recycled into the garden as compost.

Contact Information

For more information about TicoTec, our story, our products, and our policies, please visit our website at We can also be reached by phone at 425-260-6900 and by email at

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