TicoTec Chorreadors

Costa Rican-style pour over drip coffee makers

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Issaquah, WA
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TicoTec Chorreadors
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Production, sales, and service of American-made chorreadors, the style of coffee maker that has been in use in Costa Rica for over 200 years. They are made primarily of wood and use a cotton flannel filter which is suspended over a base on which the cup or carafe is placed. The chorreadors are of high quality and are usable pieces of art. They are also eco-friendly, using no power and creating no waste. They come in three styles, mimicking the three basic styles that have been in use in Costa Rica for generations. There is a wide range of prices, something for every budget. And each piece is unique; no two are alike; and each is numbered. In addition to being fun and interesting display and use, they also make great gifts!