Black Banded Agate Pendant with Hand Made Copper Bail
This is a stunning black banded agate with a generous streak of clear quartz blazing down the side. I have made a copper bail with spirals for it. I took extra care to make sure the stunning bright crystal like band is accentuated by the hand wrapped copper spirals. The black and brown bands on the back side of the stone show through the wide crystal band as dark brown and faint red on the front of the stone. The back of this stone is nearly as pretty as the front and has a bright brown circle of color mixed with the white black and brown stripes. This is a truly unique pendant and will look great on a simple silk ribbon or any necklace you care to wear it with. This stone is a generous 40 mm long and 30 mm wide at the center of the oval. Agate has long been considered a protection stone and was once used to ward off snake and spider bites. It is used to help cure insomnia, protect against danger, and promote strength and healing. Traditional healing properties of stones are given for entertainment purposes only and are not a substitute for medical care.