Agate Earrings with Handmade Copper Spirals
This pair of earrings are handmade copper spiral head pins and hand made copper french style ear hooks made in my studio and used for these beautiful matched natural orange agates. The natural agates were hand picked for their range of pale creamy to deepest firey red orange. The pure hand worked copper accentuates the natural beauty in the bands of color in these stones. These earrings will make a striking addition to any earring wardrobe. The copper is finished with Renaissance micro-crystalline wax to keep the copper bright and shiny for many years to come. Agate was traditionally uses and a protection amulet and to quench thirst. It is considered a cooling stone that helps to cure insomnia, protect against danger, promote healing and living healthily. Traditional healing properties of stones are given for entertainment purposes only and are not a substitute for medical care.