Kambaba Japser Pendant with Silver Spirals
This is a beautiful trapezoidal Kambaba jasper hand wrapped with silver filled wire in the shape of spirals. Kamababa jasper is know for its beautiful swirls and circles of black and green and they can be clearly seen in this pendant. There are also swirls of pale green and brown in this stone. The hand wrapped silver filled spirals compliment the natural swirls in this stone. Silver filled wire is wire with a very heavy overlay of sterling silver and is 10% sterling silver by weight. It should be stored and treated the same as sterling silver for years of wearing pleasure. Kambaba jasper has been used to sooth the mind and help to steady nerves. It is also said to be beneficial for plant growth and in aiding poor soil. Jasper is considered a protection stone that helps to ward off negative energies and aid in healing. Traditional healing properties of stones are given for entertainment purposes only and are not a substitute for medical care.