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Lyn Hoff
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Hello and welcome to my 3 Cedars JewelryShop! Why do I make jewelry? To make women feel treasured and adorned, using the natural gifts the earth gave us when ever possible. Stone, wood, bone, horn, shell and metals are the primary focal points in my designs. I love the look and feel of copper. When ever possible I use pure copper, or lead free copper plated pewter. I also work with silver. silver filled and gold filled beads and findings. I also enjoy using found objects, especially old pieces of jewelry and scavenging their components to make some thing new and fun. My jewelry studio gets its name from the three enormous old growth cedars that are right behind our house. These beautiful trees help me stay grounded and give me creative inspiration. I always create my jewelry with intention. I strive for harmonious pieces that make the wearer feel the positive energy of the earth and the love of the creator who made these beautiful things for us. I will always try to give the traditional healing properties associated with the materials I am using, All of my pieces are one of a kind creations, if you see something you like I can certainly try to make a similar piece for you. All of my findings are either hand made by me or american made. A bit more about me: I have been making jewelry for fun off and on for over 20 years. My family has finally convinced me to put my passion for beads and all things shiny to use and start offering them for sale as well. I have always felt close to the earth, my Dad was a 5th generation farmer and I thank my Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma for taking the time to show me the beauty of nature where ever we happened to be. I am very lucky to have both the Scottish roots of my fathers family and the rich Native heritage of my mothers people to draw from for my creativity. I am descended from the Chetco and Kurok peoples of southern Oregon/Northern California and the Cupa (Cupueno) people of Southern California I currently live on the Cedar River near Renton Washington along with my wonderful husband Todd, our fur babies, Spooky, Tiny, and Minbrat the cats, Crackers, Patches, and Sugarnose the bunnies and our feathered baby Noober the Quaker Parrot.
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