Handmade Paper Dahlia - Paper Flower Bouquet - Large Paper Pom Pom Flower
This is a bouquet of large, handmade paper dahlias. I've also seen some folks call them "pom pom" flowers - personally, I couldn't decide whether to call them dahlias or chrysanthemums, but based on the sheer size of them, I think they are more dahlia-like. Each flower measures anywhere from 6 inches wide to 8 or 9 inches wide. Each flower is made using a fading gradient color selection of crepe paper. The photos show a white bouquet, a purple bouquet and an assorted bouquet (which gives a good idea of almost all the colors you can choose from), Each finished bouquet contains 5 total flowers (and overflows a regular and also a large vase!) All bouquets come with a vase. Note: You can see what the bouquet looks like in a normal vase (pic 8) and a larger vase (pic 4).