New House Floor Sweep / House Cleansing and Protection /Organic Dried Flowers, Herbs, Ritual Herbs, Floor Sweep, House Blessings
ATTENTION: We are striving to reduce plastics in our business! All of our herbal blends that normally come packaged in plastic jars will now be packaged in stand up eco friendly paper based pouches. They are resealable and still protect the properties of the herbs. They are better for our environment and better for you! We are working on updating images now. 1 beautiful blend of dried organic herbal flowers and leaves chosen for cleansing, protection, and renewal... Perfect for new homes, work spaces, vehicles, and more!! Contains: ORGANIC Roses, lavender, white sage, thyme, comfrey leaf, sea salt, dalmation sage essential oil. Smells wonderful, all organic and pure. Use in your rituals, spells, and potions. Burn as an incense, make into oils... the choices are yours! Use as a loose incense Scatter into a cauldron fire use as a floor sweep Infuse into oils Scatter in your bath water Infuse into magickal vinegars Use as herbal stuffing Great for the beginner herbal witch! Comes in 1 oz resealable bag Enjoy! *External use only ~ I cannot guarantee results of any kind. All herbal blends and potions are sold as natural curios according to Etsy's policies. * I refund for shipping overcharges.