Courage Oil, Ritual, Witchcraft, Anointing oils
My oils are masterfully created within the true spirit of witch craft. Used for rituals and spiritual ceremony, each oil is created for a specific intent and given the energies to help power your spells. My courage oil is blended with the traditional herbs and essential oils used within centuries of witchcraft for the use of building courage. Courage oil will help make you feel stronger during times of confrontation. Believed to help strengthen you... encourage and enliven you. Made with pure essential oils and spices! Spice is the empowering force of the courage blend! This oil is all organic, made from high oleic sunflower oil and given a month to infuse the spices and essential oils together. Each bottle contains 1 cardamom pod. Every herb and oil is carefully selected by its properties. I've been in herbal studies for a long time, and my blends are powerful, traditional, and expertly created. Choose a 1/2 or full ounce. Blessed Be ~ Namaste *********************************************** This item is sold as a curio only. It is not guaranteed to perform any specific magical task. All essential oils are added within their safe dilution percentages. Please research oils, as some are not intended nor safe to be used by those with medical conditions or are pregnant or nursing. Herbs and Essential Oils must be researched by each user. Do not use my anointing oils internally. Always be wary of allergies to herbs and oils. These oils are not to be used medically and are not intended to cure or treat any illness. If you observe any skin reactions to the oils, discontinue use and seek the advice of your doctor.