Soothing Tummy Tea ~ upset stomach relief ~ calming, aids digestion / organic herbal tea/ loose leaf tea /herbal remedies
This blend offers herbs that help soothe the tummy and aid in digestion. Peppermint soothes and cools and helps the stomach to work. All of my herbs are certified organic and are sustainably harvested. It tastes wonderful! I recommend using honey or stevia instead of sugar to sweeten your tea. This blend tastes great with a squeeze of lemon. Comes loose leaf in a sealed stand up pouch bag. You get 2 ounces which makes about 13 cups of tea. 2 tsp makes a cup of tea. Fill your favorite tea ball or strain them in a coffee press. Steep for 10 minutes in water that has just boiled. The longer you steep it, the stronger it will be. Try making your tea in an open cauldron on fire... picture shown Ingredients: Organic peppermint, lemon balm, sage, rosemary, licorice root Peppermint : cools, calms, aids digestion lemon balm : very soothing, anti inflammatory, calms bloating sage: calms gas, pain and heart burn rosemary: opens blood flow, scientifically proven to aid digestion, reduces overactive gut, calms pain licorice root : calms the intestinal wall, reduces gas and pain, stops bloating, aids digestion, heals the stomach ~ Disclaimer.... teas all offer several properties that you will find useful in your life. They are not to replace proper medical care. Each person has unique responses to herbs. Allergies are possible, so be aware of this. We are not responsible for your reaction to herbs. Please use them wisely. If you need advice, you may pm me. ....some herbs should not be used with certain medications or medical problems. Always seek your doctor's advice about herbs if you are on medications, are pregnant or nursing or have any health problems. All prices are shown in USD ...I will ship international and find the best prices for you.