Herbal Bath Salt Blend ~ Soaking Bath Tea ~ Relaxing Epsom Salts
Relax in a bath of this herbal salt soaking bath tea blend. A rich blend of kosher sea salts and epsom salt combined with rose petals, lavender, chamomile flowers and calendula petals. This is the Floral Blend ~ I also have: Green Tea and Patchouli Blend Rosemary Mint Blend Patchouli Rose Lavender Oatmeal Blend...you may request any of these on a note at check out. This bath blend comes in an 8 oz. jar The jar offers a loose blend so the herbs float around you in the water ... See our listing for bagged bath teas if you prefer Very soothing on skin and relaxing to tired muscles. Salts help to absorb negativity and toxins from your day while the epsom salts soothe and relax your tired body. The herbs are chosen to bring both scent and relaxing beautifying properties to your bath. The herbs' witchy offerings: Roses~ Gender: Female Element: Water Planets: Venus Chamomile~ Gender: Male Element: Water Planets: Sun & Moon Lavender~ Gender: Female Element: Air Planets: Mercury Calendula~ Gender: Male Element: Fire Planets: Sun NOTE: I keep a small hand held strainer to circle through the water to pick up the herbs before opening the drain. NOT for jetted tubs. Use your own discretion. I am not responsible for herbs clogging your jets.