Aged Paper Scrolls, 3 scrolls, large, 9X12 Spell Scrolls, blank
I make sheets of aged paper and roll them into scrolls. These are made from acid free drawing sheets and are 9X12 when I begin. The aging might shrink them a little, and the sizes will be off and each sheet will be very unique and different, but they will be roughly 9X12 with crooked corners, burnt edges, and more. Aged papers take about 2 full days to be made. I create them using coffee, paint, water, tea, herbs and fire. This listing is for 3 sheets of aged paper. They are rolled and tied with hemp string as scrolls. You can write on them with multiple types of ink, pencil, crayon etc. I do not recommend very wet media though, so no watercolors. Use these scrolls to create art, write your favorite spells and poems onto, and more. They are very unique and people love using them! Buy 6 sets of sheets for $50.00 ~ Buy 5 get the 6th free... that is 18 large scrolls! ~ Blessed Be