Magical Witch's Black Salt ~ Salt Bottle ~ Ritual Salt ~ Bath Salts 16 oz size, cleansing, renewal, spiritual, BEST SELLER
This is our BEST SELLER! Witch's Black Salts are a ritual salt blend believed to absorb negative energies and to help cleanse and rid you of negative spiritual attacks. Use your witch's salts during rituals, toss into fires, blend into oils, or use in bath water. I use all natural blends of Sea Salt and Epsom Salt and blend them with Activated Charcoal, Fire Ashes and Essential Oils of patchouli, & lavender. I moon charge this blend and cleanse it with a smudging so that it is clean and pure. It smells good, but importantly, is very drawing for your magical uses. Witch's Black Salts are crafted and not to be confused with Lava salts or culinary black salts. Do not use this salt internally or on food. There are many uses for magical salts. You can add it to your dream pillows, sprinkle around your home, add to cleansing waters, or use as bath salts. This is a wonderfully protective blend and can be used in your spells and rituals for protection, cleansing, purifying, and healing. Receive your salts in a beautiful amber glass bottle sealed in dripped wax with a moon pendant tied around the bottle. 16 oz. of salts ********************************************************** Also available in a 1 oz. size here: Blessed Be ***************** I make no claims for this product to heal or do anything magical for you. Like all natural curios, the results of the items are unique to the user. Do not use this item internally or as medicine. Keep out of reach of children.