Advanced Witch's Magical Dusting Powder, 3.5 oz ,  Casting Herbal Powder, Herbal blends, uncharged spell blend, hundreds of uses
Magical Witch Powder for Advanced Witches ~ 3.5 heaping ounces This is a very busy and highly powerful blend of herbs, barks, resins and salt. It is open to all kinds of intended uses and has not been pre-charged with anything. It is a potent blend and I recommend it for intermediate to advanced witches. ~ This is a very large jar of powdered herbs and should last you a long while. Use it to scatter into cauldron fires, rub onto candles and tools, burn in incenses, scatter through your home, blend into oils or anything else you desire. ...However, it is not created for internal use. The herbs and resins used in this blend cover a wide range of magical uses. It covers all 4 elements of earth, wind, fire and water and also the elements of both sun and moon. It is fragrant, but do not breathe the dust in directly, some of the powder is very fine. This blend was created by my own hand in a pestle and mortar. It is all natural from organic based herbs, barks and resins from sustainable sources. I believe in always giving back to the earth, my herbs are harvested with respect. All of my items are shipped in recycled boxes and my containers are recyclable or natural/biodegradable. Comes in a resealable paper based pouch. **** All herbal products are sold as a curio under Etsy's policies. We can not guarantee any results, the skill of the witch will apply to the outcome. The Ingredients: Rosemary, Roses, Stinging Nettle, White Willow Bark, Wormwood, Benzoin Powder, Myrrh Resin, White Sage, Sea Salt Namaste