create your own 12 pack of herbs ~ ORGANIC sustainable dried herbs / resealable bags / choose your own herbs READ LISTING
This is a terrific way to stock up on a number herbs quickly and pick them out for yourself! This herb bag bundles come in a set of 12 resealable bags of organic dried herbs and you get to choose them. See our grab bag offers too! Choose your herbs from this list and leave me a note of the 12 you'd like when you place your order. (If I'm out of any of them at the time, I will contact you.) Resealable bags will weigh between .30-.50 oz. each (herbs and resins all have varying weights, sizes and value, so this will make their size ranges differ slightly) This bundle is great for beginners and advanced herbal witches both! You may request more than one, unless noted. Choose your 12 herbs:: LEAVE ME A NOTE AT ORDER or send a convo. agrimony alfalfa allspice powder basil bentonite clay black peppercorns black walnut hull blessed thistle burdock root calendula catnip chamomile chaste berries cinnamon powder comfrey cornsilk damiana dandelion leaf elecampane root eye bright powder fennel seeds (whole) feverfew flax seeds frankincense resins (1 per order) garlic garlic salt ginkgo biloba gotu kola herbs de provence seasoning blend hibiscus petals hops horehound horsetail hyssop italian seasoning blend juniper berries lavender lemon balm lemongrass lemon verbena marjoram mugwort myrrh resins (1 per order) nutmeg powder oatstraw onion granulated oregano parsley passion leaf peppermint plantain leaf raspberry leaf red sandalwood bark rhubarb root rosehips roses rosemary sage st. john's wort spearmint spirulina powder stinging nettle turmeric thyme vervain white sage (1 per order) white oak bark white pine bark white willow wintergreen witch hazel bark witch hazel leaf wormwood yarrow yerba mate' yucca root **** ((Sometimes herbs may come in powder form if that's all that's available atm)) for any other herbs, please contact me for availability If you do not list the herbs you want, they will be chosen for you. You can enjoy these herbs for a multitude of uses! Sustainably collected and organically grown. All of my herbs are non-GMO and of high quality. Blessed Be ~~ I do ship to other countries. Message me for exact shipping price quotes.