Witch's Sleeping Salts / Bath Salt, Smelling Salt, relax, fight insomnia, helps you sleep / herbal salts with essential oils
The pure Atlantic Sea Salts are large and chunky and blended with herbs and essential oils that help you relax so you can sleep. This blend is all natural, and ALL of my herbs are always certified organic. These salts can be used in a few ways. Just open and hold the container under your nose for a few minutes, inhaling the aroma. Pour into a hot bath and relax. Pour into a small dish and set it beside you when you sleep. The large salt crystals hold fragrance and help purify the room around you. In a bath, they detoxify and cleanse, while the herbs and essential oils relax your muscles, calm your senses and help settle your mind for sleep. Ingredients: Extra Coarse Sea Salt, Ground Lavender, Ground Chamomile, Ground Passion Leaf, Ground Hops, Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Comes in a large 10 oz. size. Packaged in a waxed paper, resealable and protective bag. Sealed with heat for protection. This blend was created by my own hand in a pestle and mortar. It is all natural from organic based herbs, barks and resins from sustainable sources. I believe in always giving back to the earth, my herbs are harvested with respect. All of my items are shipped in recycled boxes and my containers are recyclable. **** All herbal products are sold as a curio under Etsy's policies. If you are nursing or pregnant, consult your doctor before using herbs and essential oils.