3 Patchouli Rose Bath Bombs / bath fizzy / aromatherapy luxury bath / with rosewater and patchouli essential oil topped with rose petals
A wonderful all natural bath bomb made from organic roses, patchouli essential oil and my own distilled rosewater. 3 bombs My Rose Patchouli bombs are made fresh to order. These bath bombs are wonderful for a fragrant bath, as they offer a generous amount of pure rosewater and a deep dark patchouli scent. Drop into bath and watch it fizz and release it's aroma as you relax. Blended and topped with pure organic rose petals and colored naturally with ground hibiscus petals. Comes shrink wrapped Choose between a set of 3 bombs or 1 large bomb (large bombs are about the size of 3.5 small bombs) Each bomb comes shrink wrapped and fully labeled.