4.5" Weaving Shuttle For Inkle Weaving Card Or Tablet Weaving Belt Weaving Handcrafted From Mahogany
Our beautifully handcrafted 4.5 inch beveled weaving shuttle! A small inkle shuttle for inkle looms, inkle weaving, belt weaving, strap weaving, tablet weaving, card weaving, tape looms and most any other small detail work. The Long side has a beveled edge for pushing those threads in nice and tight. Handcrafted from solid Mahogany. Carefully hand sanded and finished with a combination of oil and wax for a natural smooth satin finish. A must have addition to any collection of weaving tools. Measurements: Approximately 4 1/2" long x 1 1/8" wide x 1/8" thick Material: Mahogany Domestic Shipping Method: USPS First Class Mail International Shipping Method: USPS First Class Mail International Domestic shipping is calculated to Los Angeles, CA. International shipping is calculated to Australia. We gladly refund shipping overages the day your item ships. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to estimate your refund. Just A Few Comments From Our Many Happy Worldwide Customers: "Lovely, well designed shuttle for fine work!" “Shuttles arrived quickly and were carefully packaged for shipping. I love these shuttles! Superb craftsmanship!! They are a dream to use on my inkle looms, and make weaving so enjoyable! They are my shuttle of choice, and I just had to order a couple more of these. Thank you!” "One of my favorite shuttles! Thanks!" “Very nice beveled shuttle that I purchased to use with a tape loom. My weaving teacher liked it and thought it could "cut butter”.” "I bought this to go with the card weaving loom. Very nicely made." “Worked like a charm. The built-in beater is the best part! :)” “Exactly what I needed! Smooth, lightweight and a pleasure to use for card weaving. Also super fast delivery. Would definitely recommend.” “A lovely piece of work! Smooth and light in the hand.” “Perfect for fine threads. A smaller shuttle with great design. Thanks!” “This is extremely handy as a beater and is also nice and smooth and well made! Thank-you!”