Oil Painting on Canvas- Original Art- Floral Artwork-Red Blue Daffodil Flowers-Green Painting-36x36-Botanical-Sarah Floyd
"Daffodils and Lollipops" from my collection, Botanical. Fun, whimsical painting inspired by daffodils and lollipops. The simple color scheme of red, blue, and green allows for great contrast between each element of the painting. A feathered brushstroke creates texture for the flowers and gives a them a light, airy quality as well. Subtle shading in the background of the painting suggests a grove of bamboo. Painting is oil on canvas. Measures 36"x36". Sides are finished to eliminate need of framing. Sarah Floyd, creator of The Whimsy Box, is a former saleswoman turned creating entrepreneur. She loves to paint, design, craft, and inspire others to express themselves through art. View more about her passions on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thewhimsybox Twitter at www.twitter.com/WhimsyBox Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/thewhimsybox