Oil Painting on Canvas-Original Artwork-Purple Red Painting- Floral Art- Purple Daisy Flower- Botanical- Sarah Floyd
"Purple Flower" from my Botanical collection. Beautiful purple flower inspired by daisies and the morning sun's rays. Flower blooms in blended shades of black, purple, and white with a yellow and red center. A thin layer of purple paint makes the background look like haze. Painting measures 24"x24". Edges are finished, so no need for framing. Picture comes ready to hang with a mounting bracket attached to the back. "I love art- not only the enjoyment one receives while experiencing art, but the joy one possesses while creating art. And anything can be art- maybe an entire flower speaks to you; maybe only one petal. Colors can be altered to create realistic paintings, surreal paintings.... the only limit is that of the artist's mind. The creation of art is the bearing of one's soul for all to see." Sarah Floyd, creator of The Whimsy Box, is a former saleswoman turned creating entrepreneur. She loves to paint, design, craft, and inspire others to express themselves through art. View more about her passions on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thewhimsybox Twitter at www.twitter.com/WhimsyBox Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/thewhimsybox