Sphynx Cat Couple  - Anthropomorphic Print (5" x 7")
This unique and whimsical anthropomorphic print was created through photo manipulation using a combination of antique and/or vintage portraits. It has been professionally printed on archival quality photographic paper and comes to you in a white mat. packaged in a plastic sleeve with a solid backing. Frame is NOT included. Watermarks will not be on the physical print. This listing is for one 5" x 7" print in an 8" x 10" mat. Please see my shop (www.aftcra.com/TheUrbanMenagerie) to see this print in the following sizes: 4" x 6" (5" x 7" mat), 8" x 10" (11" x 14" mat) ************************ Anthropomorphism (an-thruh-puh-mawr-fiz-uhm): The attributing of human characteristics and purposes to inanimate objects, animals, plants or other natural phenomena. ************************ Return to my shop: www.aftcra.com/TheUrbanMenagerie Copyright 2016 Urban Menagerie. All rights reserved.