Machine Age Inspired Floor Lamp
With a background in fine art, metal fabrication & automotive restoration I sought out a few years ago to make my little mark on the lighting world. This lamp is one of my pieces I am very proud of. The telescoping arm is counterbalance by a hand fabricated square suspended from a pulley I salvaged from either a barn or my garage - I really don't remember which. A braided steel cable holds the cube and flows up through space & time and before crossing paths with the pulley and traveling the length of the horizontal arm. The cable passes through a tubular hollow which connects the arm with the base post and then flows to all the way to the lighting receptacle. Which features a pull chain and a reclaimed mechanics light cage I yanked from my dad's garage where it was in service for over 20 years. The cord for the light goes through the telescoping arm & through the base. I love the viney look - I know you will too. Or you won't. That's fine, I like it. The base features four hand rolled feet with some spring in them & the fabric wound cord is about 4' long. Custom versions & variations of this magnificent piece are available. Contact me for more details.