Pomegranate Cider (2)-  4 oz. travel tin~ Easier to ship~ Nice gifts~  ~Traveling~
Pomegranate Cider~Some people like the same-old, same-old, while others like to mix things up a bit. Our Pomegranate Cider fragrance is for those of you who prefer a little twist. It starts with a very strong, traditional, cider notes of apple, sugar and cloves but adds the tart and tangy kick of fresh pomegranate. It's very unique and highly addictive! This is for 2- 4oz. Pomegranate Cider- 4 oz travel tin Hey Yall, Welcome to The Soy Candle Barn. We are thankful you stopped by. The wick is a flat cotton wick braided with thin paper threads that gives the wick a rigid structure without the need for a core. This wick has good burn stability that works well in these candles. Quality, concentrated oils. Size of Tin container: Height 1 3/4" (45mm) Diameter 2 9/16" (65mm) **Please note the smaller candle in the pictures on the left side are the 8 oz. tins, that I am also making available in our store* **I pour a lot of love and time, into each and every candle that is poured in our Soy Candle Barn. **Please Check our page for Returns and Shipping and Handling information. We want to make certain you are please with your new candle. Any questions, please convo me. :-) Thanks for looking!