The Sawmill Shop

Primitive, Not Perfect!

Located In
Greer, SC
Owned By
Erik McCartney
Store Details
Making our own home decor turned into a business! We could never find Christmas and Halloween decor the way we like it, so we decided to start making our own! We got plenty of complements from friends and family, many said we could sell some of these items. So, the Sawmill Shop was born! We decided to make items to order as many customers like customizing their items. Everything is hand made to look rustic and old. We try to make unique items not found in stores. Stencil lines, imperfect scrollsaw cuts, nicks and scratches are all allowed to come through, as no item is truly perfect. Our cutouts are mainly made of two materials, MDF or plywood. We use MDF for more complicated patterns as it tends not to come apart, and cuts easier. MDF is a great material as it rarely needs sanding and is easily painted. The only downside is that it is not water resistant, and cannot be used outside unless thoroughly sealed. We use plywood for larger items as it is more cost effective, and more weatherproof as larger items are more likely to be used outside. We also use reclaimed barn wood and pallet wood for some projects. This gives a very rustic feel, and takes paint in unique ways, showcasing the grain while retaining charm. Pallet wood is usually used as an accent rather than a structural component of any kind. We are always open to new ideas and projects. If you want something, just ask! We can probably find a way to make it!
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