Custom Slot
Custom slot is good for 1(one) customized Plush Plum doll or animal. Do you want to design and create your doll or animal from head to toe? Then the custom slot is exactly what you need! You will choose your doll face, eye color, hair color, hair style, fabric for body, skirt, legs and/or arms, shoe color, accessories, type of animal, etc. All details will be discussed via email, Facebook messaging, or via Etsy messaging. **PLEASE NOTE: The $10.00 fee is the NON-refundable deposit ONLY. Remaining payment is to be made once item is completed and prior to shipping. Prices range from $30 and up depending on item. Final price and details of item to be discussed via Facebook messaging or email. A price list may be found on The Plush Plum Facebook page in the "Notes" section. Or one may be provide via email. **PLEASE be sure to provide an email (should you choose to communicate that way) in the "Notes" section prior to submitting payment.** All dolls and animals are lovingly handmade using 100% cotton fabric and 100% wool felt.