Wishing Bracelet Wedding Favors
A Wish Bracelet is a simple but cute bracelet that is meant to encourage following your dreams. There is no better place than a wedding to take time to reflect on your dreams and wishes and all you hope them to be. These eco-friendly hemp bracelets can be worn by men, women, and children at any age. The purpose of a wishing bracelet is to tie it on and make a wish.....once the bracelet wears off your wish shall come true! Of course there isn't any magic to these bracelets but it has been proven when thoughts and encouragement is directed at a goal (or wish) the likely hood of it coming to be is greater. :) This is truly a fun and unique wedding favor! These charming wish bracelets come attached to a card in the color of your choice: White, Ivory, or a Rustic Stained distressed look. The card comes personalized at the bottom with the couples first names and wedding date. You can also choose which bracelet color you would like. The price listed is for 10 wishing bracelet, just adjust quantity to what you need when you add to cart. Note these are sold in sets of 10, if you need 50 you would add a quantity of 5 to your cart. Please list the couples first names and wedding date in the note from buyer area.