The Orange Chair Studio

Fine Art and Home Decor – Lamp Shades, Night Lights, and More

Located In
Rockland, ME
Owned By
Blenda Risteen
Store Details
The Orange Chair Studio is a family run business, co-owned and operated by siblings John (Derrick) Towers and Blenda Risteen in Rockland, Maine – the beautiful and inspiring coastal town we call home. When we say we’re a small, family run business we mean it. From designing our own web site and promotional materials, to packing up our shipments with personalized, handwritten thank-you notes, to making Post Office runs (usually without a minute to spare, cause that’s just how we roll), we are multitask-ers extraordinaire and we do it all from our home studios in Rockland, Maine. So, if you’d like to know more about the details that go into our design process and finished products, please check out our blog post Our Design Process, Our Products: