Hello! Our policies are long, but to boil them down - we want to make you happy, we love custom orders, and we hope you're satisfied with what you buy.

Payment Policy

I accept Paypal. If you cancel an order, it must be within 24 hours of your original order; I understand that things can change, but I do tend to ship within a day of getting the order, and I don't want to put you in a position of having to return the item. Items are not shipped until payment is received in full, and payment is expected within 48 hours of an order.

Shipping Policy

I'm going to try to ship as inexpensively as possible- if I list a rate too high, I will refund you the difference. I insist on insurance on all my vintage items, and I will do delivery confirmation. I'd also ask you to consider insurance on any breakable items I may have crafted as well. This is just to protect both of us. I pack my breakables well, but I cannot guarantee that the box will be handled with the care we'd like it to be handled. I'm sorry, due to the rising cost of shipping, I am unable to ship outside of the U.S. at this time unless there is a special request. please understand that I will only charge you the shipping that the post office requires, and no more.

Refund & Exchange Policy

Hats, clothing, patterns and kits are NON REFUNDABLE, regardless of Paypal policy. This will be listed on the item; by choosing to buy the item, you accept in advance that you cannot return the item. If you smoke, I will not accept any return of any kind. I am highly allergic to cigarette, cigar, pipe and pot smokes - I like to keep breathing and not visit the hospital. Smoke damages some materials beyond reclamation, and I would not even be able to resell those items, so this is a policy for EVERYTHING in my shop. If an item is damaged or lost during shipping, I will happily send you the insurance information so you can make a claim, if you purchased the insurance. Otherwise, I will give you the delivery confirmation number, but I will NOT accept responsibility for any item once it is out of my hands and in the hands of the postal system.

Other Policies

Custom orders- I expect payment in full up front before I will consider it an order. I will happily make you a listing for it special. If you choose to cancel said order, I will refund 1/4 of the item; the rest is not refundable, because now I have this item and no customer. I also reserve the right to sell the order to in my shop. However, if, when I finish the order, you are having money troubles or had something unexpectedly come up, please be sure to message me because I will be willing to work with you. I am also willing to set up payment plans. For wholesale and consignment orders, please message me to discuss this individually. I make no guarantees that you will find my work to be the perfect item. I do guarantee to TRY to meet your needs and to do the best work I can.

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