We're a small shop and are proud of the work we do. We have plans to introduce new materials as we can, but for now our work revolves around leather. Being a natural material, leather will have variations in appearance. We do our best to purchase leather hides that have minimal variations, but from time to time they may be visible. We think each mark tells a story, and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Payment Policy

We accept PayPal - its quick and easy, win-win for everyone.

Shipping Policy

We try to keep shipping to the lowest possible rate. We do this, in part, by using minimalist packaging for our boxes. Its not that we don't care - in fact our packaging is so spartan so that we can pass the savings on to you!

Refund & Exchange Policy

Returns are accepted within 5-days. If its defective we'll fix or replace it. If items are damaged during shipping then you'll need to file that with the shipping courier. If you're not happy with your purchase we'll gladly refund, but item(s) has to be in unused condition.

Contact Information

Please email with any questions.

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