Wall hooks - Elephant wall hook
FREE SHIPPING in the USA! Flat rate $14 USD shipping per order internationally. Add some whimsical style to your home with the elephant wall hook. Created from European birch plywood, this hook will hold anything that any other hook will hold. But it will look like an elephant, which is much cooler than just looking like a hook. In a kid's room, the hook works perfectly for hanging towels, hoodies, and shirts, or bags, purses, and backpacks. Or, really, anything else that is currently on the floor. The elephant hook also looks great in nurseries. If your baby is the type of baby that owns a suit, it would look very cute hanging on this hook... If not, the hook is just as well suited to hold their little jackets and hats, or the diaper bag. The elephant hook is sanded smooth and unfinished. Although we love the way it looks as-is, it's also completely paintable! If you choose to paint it, we recommend a coat or two of a good quality spraypaint to personalize your hook for its environment. Painting tips are included in the box with each hook. On the wall, the hook is 5" wide x 5.75" tall, and measures 4.75" from the wall to the tip of its trunk. The elephant hook comes in two simple-to-install pieces. The back piece is held to the wall with the two included screws and self-tapping drywall anchors, and only a screwdriver is needed for installation. When this piece is secured to the wall, simply slide the face piece into a groove in the back piece. The elephant head will lock into place, hiding the installation screws. The elephant hook is created in Austin, TX.